Friday Finds: Factor_ Meals

Pre-made meals with high quality ingredients

I have been checking out Factor_, a pre-made, gluten free meal delivery service, for quite some time now. The idea that these gluten free meals are no-hassle, nutritious, and can be ready within a couple of minutes had me intrigued. Plus, they have some pretty amazing stats when it comes to their ingredients. All Factor_ meals are:

  • Grass-fed and pastured-raised meats
  • Gluten free
  • Antibiotic/hormone free
  • Soy free
  • No refined sugars
  • Non-GMO

Quality ingredients are something I prioritize when it comes to how I nourish my body, so this was one thing that really drew me to Factor_. Plus, along with ALL the meals being gluten free, they are also soy free! Although I am not allergic to soy, it is something I try to limit as much as possible. Soy is also an ingredient that seems to lurk in all pre-made or packaged foods, so finding pre-made meals that are gluten and soy free is truly rare in my experience!

They also accommodate almost all dietary and lifestyle preferences: paleo, keto, vegetarian, and vegan. In my week of meals, I got to try them all! Along with their meals, they also have juices and desserts ! So they’ve got high quality ingredients and are made for a wide range of preferences, but the true test… how do they taste?

My week with Factor_

I received 6 meals and 3 juices, with combination of paleo, vegetarian, vegan, and of course, all gluten free. I knew that they had impressive nutritional stats and quality ingredients, but being pre-made meals made me think that the flavor could be lacking. But I was definitely wrong! I truly enjoyed each one, and was super surprised by how fresh and flavorful they were. Another aspect that I really appreciated was the portion sizes of each meal. They definitely do not skimp on size! So depending on your needs (age, physical activity, diet goals, etc), you can either enjoy the entire meal (which I did) or eat half and save some for later! I find with some pre-made meals, the size can sometimes be too small so this was a nice surprise.

Along with my meals, I also enjoyed the juices each afternoon and immediately noticed a quick boost in energy! My favorite was the pineapple, basil, and turmeric combination.

I was able to snap a few pictures from my delicious dishes (even though, a few didn’t make it long enough before I scarfed them down–they were that good!)

Each meal can either be made in the oven or microwave. I microwaved all of my meals (only about 2 minutes!) and it did not affect the flavor texture. Having the ability to quickly enjoy a nutritious and tasty meal within minutes makes them the perfect choice for people with busy schedules who need quality, healthy foods in a variety of dietary preferences. While they might not be something I use every week, they are going to be a go-to for those weeks when I busy and unable to meal prep or am just in need of a break from cooking. Overall, Factor_ meals are amazingly delicious and definitely worthy of being this week’s gluten free Friday Find! You can try out Factor_ for $50 off your first two weeks (click here or the picture below!)

FACTOR 250x250

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