Rainbow Cheesecake Cups (Also dairy free!)

These are the easiest cheesecake cups you’ll ever make! PLUS they are gluten free (of course !), dairy free, soy free, corn free and full of color

When I made this recipe, it was an on a whim and I didn’t have the full container of dairy free cream cheese left, so I don’t have exact measurements. But if you want to wing it like me, and give it a try, its just an easy, yummy treat to brighten up any day!

Ingredients and Recipe:

  • For made the crust I used Simple Mills crunchy cinnamon cookies (4-6),crumbled them up and mixed in Thrive Market Ghee. I smushed them into a cupcake pan (I made 4)
  • For the filling, I used the rest of my I used the rest of my Kite Hill cream cheese(probably 3/4 of the container)
    • combined the cream cheese with a half container of So Delicious Coco Whip
    • added 2 scoops of gelatin (use PEACEOFGFCAKE10 for discount from Further Food)
    • separate filling mixture into 3 bowls
    • and combine Suncore supercolor powder (code SFGFCAKE15 for 15%off!) into the three bowls(I used goji berry , blue spirulina, and pink pitaya)
  • Layer, freeze and you’re done!

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