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I started my Instagram account @peaceofgfcake, to reach others living with Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance/sensitivity, autoimmune disease, or any other food allergy or condition that requires an altered lifestyle. The “peace” part of peaceofgfcake came from my own desire to feel at peace with the modifications I have had to make to my life to deal with this autoimmune disease. The anxiety I have experienced surrounding food and its effects on my physical, mental, and emotional health has created unnecessary stress in my life, exacerbating any symptoms I already experienced.  In order to heal, I have uncovered the importance of not only eating foods that nourish my body, and in turn my mind, but also creating a mindset around food that diminishes any anxieties and feelings of deprivation or guilt. While I am still in the process, I hope that this blog can reach those of you who can relate to living with autoimmune disease, food intolerance, and/or anxieties around food, or are interested in living a gluten free life!  My goal is to share gluten free recipes (most of which are sweet treats-I’ve got a MAJOR sweet tooth!) and products that taste delicious, soothe and nourish the mind and the body, and inspire happiness. Eating gluten free can be a PEACE OF GF CAKE 🙂

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